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Mark Sheppard


From an early age I've had a great passion for guitars and motorcycles and freedom at it's finest!

After many years of playing in rock bands and riding Harleys I began searching for unique pieces of jewelry to wear on stage and on the bike... especially in the form of cuff bracelets. Not satisfied with what was on the market...I became even more determined to create my own designs. After studies in basic and advanced metal fabrication I started designing and fabricating for of a kind... kickass... heavy duty... sterling silver and leather cuff's...I soon realized... there was a demand for both men's and women's custom cuff's using my designs...each piece being hand fabricated... with no two pieces
exactly alike!

I use nothing but heavy gauge Sterling Silver and fine leather...
Each piece is hand designed..hand fabricated...torched...filed...hammered and polished
with meticulous standards!!

A passion and talent... found between the crossroads of Rock & Roll and Harleys...

I feel very blessed to have this in my life!
I take great pride in my art!
I believe all good things come from above!


Storey Markcus